West Seattle’s first delivery only food hall is finally here

With popular concepts exploding in cities like Miami, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Dubai, and London, West Seattle is finally getting a taste of a revolutionary new dining concept. The innovative owner of COASTLINE BURGERS who brought you “The Greatest Buns of All Time” and delivered you the much-needed canned mixed drinks during COVID with COPPER COIN has picked up the mantle and has delivered us Matchbox Food Hall.
Matchbox Food Hall is a team of diverse restaurant concepts with food specifically designed and packaged for delivery. So next time you’re looking to order food for the entire family, and you end up making three different delivery orders from three different restaurants, incurring three different sets of charges; know there is an easier way. One order, six unique restaurants with six delicious menus. It’ll serve your family’s varied needs as well as your bottom line.
When we talked with owner, Aaron Sheppard about the new concept he told us, “60 years ago the ultimate in convenience was buying low quality food at a drive thru. Today the ultimate convenience is choosing from a collection of high-quality restaurants and having the food brought directly to you. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of pairing convenience with quality, beautiful, delicious food.”
And we’ve seen this before, when our community needed to stay home to keep community members safe we needed to discover a new way to look at the traditional restaurant. Technology is allowing us to redefine how we live our lives. Drive or take an Uber? Work from the office or zoom from home? Go to the doctor’s office or have a telemedicine visit?

How about this question? Desperately search for a reservation at a time other than 5:30 or 8:30 or order from one or more of the restaurants at Matchbox Food Hall whenever you want? It’s time to redefine how we eat delicious food whenever we want and wherever we want.”
Matchbox Food Hall, featuring Boxcar Bakery, Forge Pizza, Sway Sandwich Co., Chop Salads, Carrera Taqueria, and Shep’s Tavern which delivers all kinds of delicious canned mixed drinks and wine are open now and serving the West Seattle community.

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